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What is Communication Coach?

Communication Coach® is a simple to use and incredibly powerful computer-based simulation eLearning platform that uses your customized scenarios to simulate any conversation.

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Our platform uses your best practices in a Performance Conditioning® process to rapidly change behavior and build positive sales and service habits (it’s also used for collections, tech support, develop effective coaches and teach people to have any kind of difficult conversation).

Communication Coach® facilitates the “perfect practice” required to build employee competence, confidence and consistency in the skills you ideally want them to use. This approach has been successfully used in many industries since 1995 with dramatic results. It works because it delivers the ongoing Performance Conditioning® needed in very short, manageable learning chunks.

The Communication Coach platform allows for anytime, anywhere practice and instruction with built in accountability. The content is always Customized4U and your performance priorities using small “bite sized” chunks (micro-learning). The practice simulations, drills and coaching lessons are crafted to address the most common as well as most challenging issues and opportunities your target audience faces.

Since 1995, we have been researching and fine-tuning better and best practices for developing custom content, enhancing the technology, designing deployment strategies and sustainability practices. That’s why so many companies have experienced dramatic, measurable results from their Communication Coach-powered solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Since 1986, large high-profile clients have been choosing Success Sciences because:
  • They needed significant, measurable gains in customer experience, sales, quality, coaching, or leadership enhancement and were looking for different approaches to succeed.
  • Some clients had customers who were experiencing dissatisfaction with them leading to costly complaints and customer defections.
  • Inconsistency in how routine questions, problems, and opportunities were being handled across sales, customer experience, or support functions in their companies.
  • Some clients calculated the hard and soft costs of low production of new hires and needed a way to dramatically accelerate “speed to standard” to reduce this huge recurring cost.
  • Poor selection practices, poor training practices, and poor performance management practices led to high rates of employee churn.
  • The Communication Coach Simulation Learning Platform is one of the significant differences about Success Sciences that makes the biggest difference in getting fast behavior changes with customer experience, sales, collections, and technical service people. To see how in a short video, visit communication-coach.com.
  • comCOACHgo is the fastest, most engaging, social learning and development mobile app ever built. comCOACHgo delivers your practical, targeted learning experiences in highly engaging, super short micro-bites. Visit comCOACHgo.com
  • Click here to learn more about why companies choose Success Sciences.

Since 1986, we have been providing training and consulting services to large, high-profile organizations primarily in North America. We do some work internationally and/or for North American based companies that have a global reach.

We want to make a significant difference in the performance of your employees at all of your points of customer contact. On the surface, the solution is to train your people in new or different skill sets and create competencies that they don’t have. It’s important to know that we see the world more systemically than not. In doing so we know not every problem requires a training solution, however when it does, it’s critical that the training intervention and the training investment have a significant measurable impact.

All of our training solutions are a process with a distinct before, during and after rather than “events” designed to get high marks on “bingo cards” at the end of a class. We also know that “mindset before skillset gives you the best chance for execution” . That is why 20% of the programs we develop address mindset or the beliefs, values and attitudes that focus, guide and motivate employees to use the right skills and strategies.

We begin with assessing the issues and opportunities in your situation and then craft a custom solution with you, using a proprietary approach we have been honing since 1986. (It’s called Customized4U.)

  • Examples of the industries that we have worked with include:
  • Financial services
  • Airlines
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Cruise Lines
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pro Sports

We have an outstanding track record of meeting—and exceeding—our customers’ needs. Our commitment to our customers’ success and satisfaction is demonstrated by the fact that over 99% of our clientele is repeat or referral business going back to 1986.

All of our solutions are highly customized. We have a very robust process and will be happy to share it with you upon request or you can go here. We will also share how the customization process dovetails with other aspects of our unique solutions including the design of deployment strategies that accelerate the behavior change, setting the stage for major initiatives, using a communication plan and establishing the conditions for accountability to ensure sustainability.

Communication Coach®, a voice based simulation learning platform, is the most powerful simulation learning platform available designed to build interpersonal skills. Using customized scenarios built from real conversations, it simulates any conversation. They can be face-to-face, over the phone or video. We’ve had dramatic success in sales, service quality, technical support, collections, coaching, and “difficult conversations.” A video overview is here.

Success Sciences is a performance improvement firm that helps its clients develop the strategies, skills and behaviors they need to build more profitable and loyal customer relationships. We assess both constraints and enablers as part of any improvement process. We have the track record, expertise and resources to assist our clients in crafting the highest leverage strategies for achieving their objectives

Out of respect for our clients’ confidentiality, we don’t publish this information.

However, we will gladly provide this information with our clients’ explicit permission at the appropriate time.

About Us

Since 1986, Success Sciences has been helping large, high-profile clients “Earn and Retain MORE Successful Customer Relationships.” Headquartered in Tampa, FL. we have satellite offices in Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Dallas.

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Most of our clients work with us to improve top-line revenue, average order size, conversion rates, the customer experience and increase customer retention (NPS). Those objectives require sales, service and retention team members who are competent, confident and consistent in using your best practices. The key to achieving these performance priorities is establishing a platform for developing habits that support and enable the desired behaviors. We do that through Performance Conditioning®. Performance Conditioning® is a habit building process made faster, better, and easier through the use of our Communication Coach technology that automates it.

"The secret is PERFECT PRACTICE and the structure to make it automatic."

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